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Accel Motorcycle Press Release April 2009

Industry Associates: Below is a press release from ACCEL Motorcycle Products. This is the first in what will be a long line of product release information in the 2009 season. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me personally anytime 24/7. I appreciate your continued support and look forward to speaking with you soon.

8.0 S/S Plug Wires Provide 5 Times More Spark
for Fuel Injected Harley & Buell

The newest addition to the ACCEL Spark Plug wire lineup is the 8.0 S/S for Fuel Injected Harley Davidson applications. These new custom fit spark plug wire sets feature an extra thick 8mm silicone jacket and silicon insulation. The state of the art Ferro-Spiral Wound Magnetic Suppression core eliminates electrical “leakage” or RFI interference that interrupts electronic ignitions and doesn't effect the Delphi® fuel injection systems found on many Twin-Cam® engines.

This Ferro-Spiral Wound Magnetic Suppression core can deliver up to 5 Times more peak energy than the common Carbon/Graphite Core found in OEM type spark plug wires. They perform exceptionally well at temperatures over 500°F. The ultra-strong Aramid core and fiberglass braiding provide resistance to vibration and “wire stretch” to make a spark plug wire set that is both durable and reliable. The low 500 Ohms/ft. resistance core material allows for maximum energy to the spark plugs, while still being safe to use with all electronic ignitions. Compare that to the 3000 to 7000 Ohms/ft core commonly used in many other top-of-the-line spark plug wire sets and you know why the ACCEL 8.0 S/S spark plug wires are what you need for getting the best performance out of your Fuel Injected Harley.

Tech Note: ACCEL 8.0 S/S Spark Plug Wire sets are engineered for use on fuel injected applications, but they also work very well on late model carbureted applications too.

Available in 4 colors: B=Blue, K=Black, R=Red, Y=Yellow.


Buell 1999-2008 (All Models), # 171097-B, K, R, Y

Sportster 2004-2006 (XL), # 171098-B, K, R, Y

Softail 2000-2009 (All Models, Carb or FI), # 171100-B, K, R, Y

Dyna 1999-2009 (FXD, Carb or FI), # 171097-B, K, R, Y

Touring 1999-2008 (FLH/FLT Dresser Models Carb/FI), # 171098-B, K, R, Y

U-Groove Plug for Fuel Injected Twin Cam Applications, Part No. 2418
Platinum Plug for Fuel Injected Twin Cam Applications, Part No. Y2418P
See Application Chart (PDF)

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ACCEL Motorcycle Products are a division of Prestolite Performance, and specialize in high quality ignition and electrical components for American made Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Our famous 5mm spark plug wires are tough enough to withstand over 550° of heat and versatile enough that they can be routed through the fins of the cylinder heads without burning. The Mallory Electronic Distributor line offers a simple 3-wire design for quick installation, while our Chrome Hybrid Design Voltage Regulators add personality and styling to set your bike apart from the rest.

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