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Comfort Stop - Positive Stopping System

The idea of comfort is what Comfort By Design is all about. Safety and peace of mind equal "comfort' in our book!

The PSS is the one most reasonably priced and easiest installed item you will ever add as an upgrade to your motorcycle. It is a fully automatic device and actuates as the brake is applied. It simply allows a minute amount of "flex" to your braking system in the event of a panic stop or abrupt pressure being applied to the brake pedal / lever.
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Accel Motorcycle Press Release April 2009

Industry Associates: Below is a press release from ACCEL Motorcycle Products. This is the first in what will be a long line of product release information in the 2009 season. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me personally anytime 24/7. I appreciate your continued support and look forward to speaking with you soon.

8.0 S/S Plug Wires Provide 5 Times More Spark
for Fuel Injected Harley & Buell

The newest addition to the ACCEL Spark Plug wire lineup is the 8.0 S/S for Fuel Injected Harley Davidson applications. These new custom fit spark plug wire sets feature an extra thick 8mm silicone jacket and silicon insulation. The state of the art Ferro-Spiral Wound Magnetic Suppression core eliminates electrical “leakage” or RFI interference that interrupts electronic ignitions and doesn't effect the Delphi® fuel injection systems found on many Twin-Cam® engines.

This Ferro-Spiral Wound Magnetic Suppression core can deliver up to 5 Times more peak energy than the common Carbon/Graphite Core found in OEM type spark plug wires. They perform exceptionally well at temperatures over 500°F. The ultra-strong Aramid core and fiberglass braiding provide resistance to vibration and “wire stretch” to make a spark plug wire set that is both durable and reliable. The low 500 Ohms/ft. resistance core material allows for maximum energy to the spark plugs, while still being safe to use with all electronic ignitions. Compare that to the 3000 to 7000 Ohms/ft core commonly used in many other top-of-the-line spark plug wire sets and you know why the ACCEL 8.0 S/S spark plug wires are what you need for getting the best performance out of your Fuel Injected Harley.

Tech Note: ACCEL 8.0 S/S Spark Plug Wire sets are engineered for use on fuel injected applications, but they also work very well on late model carbureted applications too.

Available in 4 colors: B=Blue, K=Black, R=Red, Y=Yellow.


Buell 1999-2008 (All Models), # 171097-B, K, R, Y

Sportster 2004-2006 (XL), # 171098-B, K, R, Y

Softail 2000-2009 (All Models, Carb or FI), # 171100-B, K, R, Y

Dyna 1999-2009 (FXD, Carb or FI), # 171097-B, K, R, Y

Touring 1999-2008 (FLH/FLT Dresser Models Carb/FI), # 171098-B, K, R, Y

U-Groove Plug for Fuel Injected Twin Cam Applications, Part No. 2418
Platinum Plug for Fuel Injected Twin Cam Applications, Part No. Y2418P
See Application Chart (PDF)

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ACCEL Motorcycle Products are a division of Prestolite Performance, and specialize in high quality ignition and electrical components for American made Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Our famous 5mm spark plug wires are tough enough to withstand over 550° of heat and versatile enough that they can be routed through the fins of the cylinder heads without burning. The Mallory Electronic Distributor line offers a simple 3-wire design for quick installation, while our Chrome Hybrid Design Voltage Regulators add personality and styling to set your bike apart from the rest.

For more products visit our newly designed site and download the 2009 Catalog at

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Joe Distefano
Pro Riders Marketing
2213 SE 5th Street
Lee's Summit, Mo. 64063
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Press Release :: Ocober 2008

Lee’s Summit, Mo. (October 22, 2008) —Joe Distefano and Pro Riders Marketing are proud to announce our appointment to National Sales & Marketing Management of the following companies in the past 30 days.

Cyron appoints Joe Distefano to Sales and Marketing position

Cyron L.E.D. Lighting – Cyron is a state of the art company providing top flight product to all industries L.E.D. lighting needs based in Chatsworth, Ca..

Joe Distefano will assist V.P. of Sales, Shell Rienish, in the development and maintenance of new accounts world wide. “Having Joe D. on the team will round out our staff to address the needs of the company and dramatically impact our sales and industry presence moving forward.” Said Rienish.

LaRosa appoints Joe Distefano to Sales and Marketing position

LaRosa Designs – Seats and Accessories –LaRosa Designs Owner Don LaRosa has a well rounded line of top quality seats and accessories for numerous Harley and custom applications. Headquartered in San Leandro, Ca., LaRosa Designs is in the process of developing a long list of additions to suit the needs of the metric market as well.

“We feel having the benefit of Joe’s 32 years of success in the motorcycle business, a long list of well established industry associates, as well as a work ethic that stands unmatched from my experience will be just the thing to take our company to the next level. We have the quality, selection, style, capacity, and value pricing to give Joe the tools he needs for success. We will support his efforts, whatever it takes!” Says Don LaRosa.

LFI appoints Joe Distefano to Sales and Marketing position

Baron Harley-Davidson Auto and Truck Accessories — Licensed products based in Huntington Beach, Ca. is an approved vendor for Harley-Davidson Motor Co. selling directly to the motor company as well as the Harley dealer network world wide.

“We have never ventured into the aftermarket segment of either the motorcycle industry, automotive, or truck markets with our product line. We have the accessories that Harley enthusiast want for the four wheel vehicle like license plate frames and trailer hitch covers. We expect Joe D. to take us places we have never been before” Said Paul Snider, National Retail Director for Baron. Snider adds, “We are fortunate to have a guy like Joe on the team and look forward to great things in the future for our company!”

TEXPORT appoints Joe Distefano to Sales and Marketing position

Texport USA – Based in Plymouth, Ma., CEO and industry veteran Jamie Goodson has developed an exceptional line of quality apparel, addressing all types of motorcycle enthusiast.
“The hot products heading toward the 2009 season are our textile line of apparel. Excellent quality, great look and feel, coupled with functionality is what the contemporary enthusiast is looking for. Whether they ride an American V-twin Chopper or the fastest Sport bike….everyone wants to look good, be comfortable, and safe when cruising down the highways of the world.” Says Goodson.

“I have worked with Joe for many years and am confident that he will expand our company sales through major distribution channels throughout the industry. Everyone at Texport is looking forward to work with Joe D. and company!” adds Goodson.

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Joe Distefano will continue as National Sales Manager of ACCEL Motorcycle Product in Cleveland, OH.

Also as National Sales Manager of Paughco MC, LLC inventors of the original Harley Dealer Only (HDO) Chrome Forged Wheel Program.

For further information on these quality companies:

Joe Distefano
Phone: 319-389-0798

Joe D. of Pro Riders Marketing

Friday, April 4, 2008

Paughco MC Wheel Division

PAUGHCO MC is a new division of Paughco Inc. created specifically to provide aftermarket wheel manufacturers with wheel blanks of the highest possible quality.

This quality should be assured given the fact that the people behi! nd the n ew enterprise have a combined total of more than eighty years of experience in the design, manufacture and sales of forged aluminum wheels and wheel blanks for motorcycles.

Talking about the new division Joe Distefano, VP of Sales, said: "This is a new division of Paughco, Inc. Paughco has consistently provided top quality part, accessories, and service to the Harley-Davidson motorcycle aftermarket industry, and this wheel division will be no exception to that long tradition that Paughco has established since 1969. Wheels will be the only business of this new company, and not a sideline." He continued, saying on the subject of availability: "This is the largest issue of all according to our research. When was the last time you called your current supplier and had a pre-polished wheel blank shipped within 24 hours? Answer - never. Paughco MC will maintain levels of inventory on all popular sizes in pre-polished blanks, ready to go at moments notice."

Paughco MC wheel blank company will offer a wide range of wheel sizes in both 2D and 3D styles, and ship orders within 48 hours of confirmation.

The wheel blanks are forged in an 8,000 ton hydraulic press, utilizing the latest in wheel technology and die design. The blanks are forged conventionally to guarantee the correct material flow is obtained for the maximum in weight-to-strength ratios. Aircraft grade aluminum forgings are heat-treated to 6061-T6 and machined on brand new, dedicated CNC turning centers that are fixtured to only run motorcycle rims.

The blanks are engineered to facilitate tire installation and removal. All Paughco MC wheel blanks are pre-polished to above industry standards, and are inspected throughout the process, with a final inspection prior to shipment.

Carson City, Nevada, USA
For information: Call Joe Distefano
Tel: 319 389 0798

Fax: 866 205 2422

Sunday, April 1, 2007

ACCEL Motorcycle


Cleveland, Ohio (March 2007) ACCEL Motorcycle has contracted Joseph Distefano to spearhead the company’s Powersports efforts. This strategic addition of Distefano to the ACCEL Motorcycle team reflects ACCEL’s commitment to the focused effort of returning the ACCEL brand to the forefront of the industry.

Joe Distefano comes to ACCEL Motorcycle with more than thirty years experience in the custom motorcycle industry, ranging from owning his own shop, to being a Senior Sales Rep for NEMPCO and a Senior National Field Rep with Custom Chrome. Distefano has been a major sales and marketing force for a variety of suppliers in this industry, including holding major leadership positions in distribution, wholesale and manufacturing companies like J&P Cycles and Weld Racing Motorcycle division. Joe will continue his duties as the National Sales Manager for Forge-Tec Motorcycle Wheels. We are confident that he will be an asset to ACCEL Motorcycle’s plans for short and long-term targeted marketing, and maximum growth to the brand line.

For over 35 years, ACCEL Motorcycle has been a leader in the industry, providing custom performance motorcycle products ranging from premium quality ignition products to custom billet accessories, and much more. ACCEL Motorcycle is a division of The Mr. Gasket Performance Group, a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality performance products sold through the automotive and motorcycle markets, with brands including ACCEL, ACCEL/DFI, Hays, Jacobs, Lakewood, Mallory, and Mr. Gasket.

For more information on ACCEL Motorcycle products, including the latest instructions, new product information, catalog, and dealer look-up, please visit our web site at

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