Friday, April 4, 2008

Paughco MC Wheel Division

PAUGHCO MC is a new division of Paughco Inc. created specifically to provide aftermarket wheel manufacturers with wheel blanks of the highest possible quality.

This quality should be assured given the fact that the people behi! nd the n ew enterprise have a combined total of more than eighty years of experience in the design, manufacture and sales of forged aluminum wheels and wheel blanks for motorcycles.

Talking about the new division Joe Distefano, VP of Sales, said: "This is a new division of Paughco, Inc. Paughco has consistently provided top quality part, accessories, and service to the Harley-Davidson motorcycle aftermarket industry, and this wheel division will be no exception to that long tradition that Paughco has established since 1969. Wheels will be the only business of this new company, and not a sideline." He continued, saying on the subject of availability: "This is the largest issue of all according to our research. When was the last time you called your current supplier and had a pre-polished wheel blank shipped within 24 hours? Answer - never. Paughco MC will maintain levels of inventory on all popular sizes in pre-polished blanks, ready to go at moments notice."

Paughco MC wheel blank company will offer a wide range of wheel sizes in both 2D and 3D styles, and ship orders within 48 hours of confirmation.

The wheel blanks are forged in an 8,000 ton hydraulic press, utilizing the latest in wheel technology and die design. The blanks are forged conventionally to guarantee the correct material flow is obtained for the maximum in weight-to-strength ratios. Aircraft grade aluminum forgings are heat-treated to 6061-T6 and machined on brand new, dedicated CNC turning centers that are fixtured to only run motorcycle rims.

The blanks are engineered to facilitate tire installation and removal. All Paughco MC wheel blanks are pre-polished to above industry standards, and are inspected throughout the process, with a final inspection prior to shipment.

Carson City, Nevada, USA
For information: Call Joe Distefano
Tel: 319 389 0798

Fax: 866 205 2422